Attraction, Addiction & Obsession Of High Heels

White soft leather, 3.5 inches high, ankle buckles & big white hearts describe my very first pair of
high heels at the tender age of 10.

I had set my eyes on them when a girl at primary school flaunted them. They were so cool, so grown up.
Made her appear so tall and her legs so long! When I fixated my eyes upon those shoes I just knew it was
love at first sight.

Commence, my addiction, to the high heel shoe…

Ever since the moment my foot slipped into the soft leather of the high heel,
I had become an instant devotee.
My love would never end. It was made to be.

Wearing a flat shoe just does not compare. The height, the design, everything about a high heel just tops
all of what a flat shoe provides. Sure, the flat shoe provides comfort.
But nobody said it would be easy. No pain, no gain.

The high heel is powerful, it brings so much power to the way you feel. Makes you feel absolutely incredible.

Maybe you are the kind who has true attraction only for the stiletto. Or, maybe you are the kind like me
who has true attraction to the majority of heels!
The only kind of high heel I dislike is the pointy high heel shoe. I just don’t find that attractive at all.

By the age of 14, I owned many a pair of high heel but…
I did not own a pair of TRUE fetish heels. So, on my 14th birthday I went to Breathless
when it was in Camden and purchased my first, true fetish heels of 6″ inches in height
and black, shiny, vampy patent. Sandal style, open toe, thin ankle strap and once your foot
was sweaty, you would slide absolutely everywhere.

I remember going up the steep steps overcome with anxiety and excitement.
Short of breathe, anticipation of trying on a shoe of such height. I instantly detected the shoe of my dreams.
I will never forget the intense fear as I stumbled around the room
attempting to keep my balance. The shoe at that point had control over me!
I purchased them, yearning to get home to wear them and practice.

The high heels brings upon many woes, some of which are very unexpected especially when the shoe
you try on seems oh so comfortable.
The high heel can be terribly deceiving.
It therefore takes years of being a high heel devotee before finally realizing some top tips.

We have all been there… The day you shoe shop you find the most beautiful, sexy, alluring high heels.
Oh so comfortable as you totter around the shop, lying to yourself that they will be fine.

Little do you know what lies ahead later that night when you go out for a night of debauchery!
The sore feet soon make an appearance, followed by burning balls of the feet and then the dreaded blisters…
You keep on dancing, devoted to looking and “feeling” good till then..
You can no longer take no more and peer down to see the disaster your feet have become.
Sometimes even blood. Out come the flats or maybe flip flops.
You hop about carry on dancing but you just feel lost… An instant absence…
Almost can be compared to loosing the love of your life, it’s that dramatic!

The early hours of the morning approach, your feet are well and truly battered.
A feeling of dismay takes over and the pain begins to profoundly kick in.
Feet battered, sore, red, maybe even bleeding. Blisters… Throbbing… Foot spa, massage, ointments, plasters…
1 week maybe you will be fully recovered till a few days after recovery, you set about doing it all over again.
Because, you are a true high heel devotee.

You would of tried it all, plasters, gel cushions, special blister plasters, anti-rub balm, innersoles, heel grips,
everything in your will to make those shoes never depart you.
But, whatever precautions you undertake, you just know it will always end the same way.
Abit like going back to an ex (if you do that sort of thing, which, I have only done once and would
never embark on doing so again!)

Now I will tell you about a pair of boots I purchased that I always longed for…
But they aren’t high just half an inch, chunky heel, rest of the boot flat.
But the soft leather, the straps that go up the boots and the military feel lured me in and I just had to own a pair!
They are the Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots. Absolutely stunning.
I would go to bed dreaming about these boots till one cold, bleak November morning I awoke to feel that it was the day
my dream would come true.
Everything felt right, I knew it was the right day. I called every Vivienne Westwood shop and supplier but
to my dismay a size 4 was not to be found.
A popular boot everywhere was sold out, I was told eight entire weeks for a pair to be made.
My heart sank. I then emailed a Vivienne Westwood shop I didn’t know existed and one pair was left.
My heart was pounding I was so so excited and told the assistant to save them for me I was on my way!
When I arrived at Bond Street station I walked as fast as I could and rang the doorbell, I walked into the
cosy shop the only shopper there.
Out they came in the box, I unwrapped them and buckled them up as fast as I could.
The sweet aroma, the soft leather against my skin.
A perfect fit, the most comfortable boots I have ever owned!

2 months before the purchase of the Pirate Boots I had brought a pair of Vivienne Westwood
6″ platform black leather high heel lace up ankle boots.
Also incredibly divine but terribly hard to walk in!

I cannot tell you how many times I have suffered blisters, sores, hard skin and all other nasties from high heels but it just never stops.
A constant vicious cycle. But I just cannot live without.

Running my high heel across the body of a submissive, teasing him, feeling him shiver and flinch,
making him long to be able to touch, worship my heels and feet. Trampling submissives in high heels,
using them as a way of getting what I want.
The high heel is so powerful, so sensual, so breathtakingly desirable.

My attraction to high heels never faded. It just grows and grows.
My addiction to high heels is stronger than ever as I sit here with a terribly huge blister on my toe.
My obsession to high heels is immense as I sit here dreaming about my next purchase.

The photo below is of my very first fetish heels, purchased at age 14 which still hold a dear place in my heart.

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