Tonight is date night! I use this slave as a human chair as I sit on him and get ready for my super hot date with a REAL MAN!

Wearing delicious fully fashioned seamed stockings, 6 strap suspender belt, tight sexy cleavage revealing dress and Christian Louboutin high heel stiletto peep toe shoes, I apply my make-up whilst sitting on him teasing him and telling him all about my hot date tonight!

This slave is in chastity and has been for quite a while now… As you can imagine he is super frustrated and dying for release. It sure doesn’t help that he knows about the hot guys I meet and the great sex I have with them – which he of course will never be getting!

Winding him up as much as possible and reminding him that I am his keyholder to his pathetic tiny cock makes him even more jealous and in such a complex mind space. I know how much he’s dying for release and to play with his small cock, but he just doesn’t deserve that honour! Besides, small cocks are best locked up…

I inform him about how real men have decent cocks and can give a lady exactly what she desires in the bedroom. And how loser boys like him with tiny ones just need to be locked up and controlled.
Reminding him how I own him and his tiny cock he has no say in the matter and continues to listen carefully doing as he is told.

I look super hot with my bright red lipstick on and hypnotising blue eyes… Tonight’s guy is sure in for a great night! Shame loser boy will be at home awaiting text messages and doing his chores. LOL!

Femdom fun! Watch and see what happens next to my poor little cuckold bitch boy.

chastity seat


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