London Fetish Fair

I finally made it to London Fetish Fair after years of meaning to attend LOL.
Every time I would try to attend something would crop up!
This time it was held at The White Swan in Farringdon Street. Not far from St.Pauls tube station.
It has been held at a variety of venues over the years but due to issues with it’s usual recent venue this time it was held here.
They have a cloak room facility which is handy if you are going to change at the venue or have bags you can’t be bothered to cart about!

Now, the venue itself is quite small but luckily has an outdoor area where stalls set up and also a downstairs part to the pub.
Despite the small venue London Fetish Fair was still a fantastic experience and provided an array of stalls selling many goodies
such as: BDSM and fetish toys of course, latex, PVC, corsets, military inspired clothing, stockings, shoes, boots, dildos, e-stim kits,
cupcakes! And more.

The fair may be going back to their old venue soon.
The current venue offered a bar selling an array of drinks and food. Though we went and popped out to a nearby pub for lunch as there wasn’t
really any seating available.

The fair runs every second Sunday of the month and is from 12noon – 6pm then there is an after party.
£7.50 entry (£10 after 3pm).
It has a fetish workshop at 3:30pm and the dungeon area opens at 7pm.

We brought an array of products and some of my personal favorite stalls at the fair included:
Subspace Leathers

Here’s a photo of me at the pub across the road at lunch before heading back to the fair!:
misslollirot leanne fatalxfemme at london fetish fair

I stayed for the after party and the stalls packed away their items then they set up a dungeon area upstairs but also people played downstairs.
There were dungeon monitors keeping an eye on things and quite abit of action going on 😉

I played downstairs which was fun. There was a wide variety of people at the fair which was really fantastic. Nice to see such a wide range of people
all ages comming together.

You can also find London Fetish Fair on Fetlife:
And the group:

All in all a great time and lots of fab goodies brought.
I recommend the fair to anyone and in particular it’s a good place for newbies to start aswell!
I look forward to going to the fair again but I also look forward to going to it at a different venue when that happens 🙂

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