VIDEO UPDATE – Foot slave Gets A Trial Run! Worshipping Christian Louboutin Stiletto Heels, Stockings & Bare Feet

This is the first time this foot slave gets to be in My presence!
I order him to knee before me whilst I sit on the couch in my tight pencil dress, glossy polka dot nylon stockings and 6 inch stiletto Christian Louboutin high heel shoes.
I wore my foot in his face and get him to start by kissing my shoes.
After a while I reveal my hot, sweaty moist soles and get him to work giving me a good foot massage.
I begin to tease and taunt him. he is super eager to please.
I start to shove my soles in his face making him sniff their sweaty aroma. he cannot believe the stench!
Peeling off my stockings to reveal my cute sexy feet I get him to kiss my bare soles…
Before you know it, I have my sexy toes in his mouth and he licks the sweat off and kisses them.
I turn around showing off my curvy ass and bending my feet so you can see my hot wrinkled soles.
I just love seeing how much of my foot I can shove in his mouth!