About to get ready for my hot date tonight I go into my bedroom to find my neighbour sat ON MY BED sniffing MY STOCKINGS. What’s hilarious about it is how full of cheek he is! He’s not even scared! Just sitting there, sniffing away at my stocking collection not even worried about the possible consequences!
I threaten him with a call to the police. He carries on and offers to help get me ready for tonight. LOL!
I decide he needs a form of punishment and putting him to true use…
Dragging him by the collar I pull him into the other room. I sit down in my hot sexy lingerie complete with fully fashioned vintage stockings and Christian Louboutin high heel stiletto peep toe shoes as I tell him I want him to STRIP right down to absolutely NOTHING.
Whilst I sit teasing him watching him strip I speak about how handy it could be to have him living so near.
I tell him how I am going to give him a test run and see what I can do with him. See what use I can put him to.
I then instruct him to come and kneel before me.
Pushing my christian louboutin heels into him I get him to kiss them.
He seemed like such a NORMAL boring guy when I used to see him in the street. Little did I know what a dirty pervert he truly is!
He starts to get a little carried away and starts to lick my shoes. I did not ask him to do so! Someone is hungry 😛
After a while, I then instruct him to clean my shoes with his tongue. Ensuring he does a good job.
I then embark on standing up and teasing in my lingerie whilst removing my stockings to reveal my sweaty stinky bare feet!
I even show my nylons up close so you can really get a feel for how sexy they truly are…
I tell slave how I’m going to ensure I have a set of keys to his place now. So I can check up on him, making sure nothing of mine is there!
Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for… My moist, sweaty, dirty soles complete with red painted toes on all the slaves face! Kissing, licking, full on foot worship!
Before you know it he is sucking away on my toes and even taking my foot into his mouth!
Sucking and licking on my tasty toes. I bet you wished it was you 😛
I decide to leave him there… Locked in. Whilst i go out dancing with a girlfriend. When I come back there may be double foot worship 😉

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