Come closer slave… Come worship my nylon clad feet whilst I instruct you and dominate you. I speak to you about my cute petite feet that are really stinky and sweaty from shoes all day. I tell you how to impress me and how to worship Me and my adorable feet. Check out my hot sexy soles and cute little toes. Not touching that cock of yours yet are you?! you better not be as I dominate you and tell you that you and your cock are fully under my control. I tease you to the absolutely edge. your bulging in your pants as I flaunt my stockings and feet all over and in your face. Forcing you to sniff them lick them kiss them and adore them. you are completely overwhelmed by Me and can’t help but think about Me 24 hours a day. I tell you how you will be completely addicted and won’t be able to think about anything else apart from MY feet and me. Even when you are at work I will be ALL YOU THINK ABOUT! I tease you about your secret and addiction. But don’t worry… your secret is safe with Me. I tell you how to impress me and how if you play your cards right and continue being a good boy how you could even get a REAL TIME SESSION with Me! As you carry on watching you get taken under My spell deeper and deeper. Shoving my feet in your face and making you weaker and weaker… you won’t be able to sleep tonight. I will be all you crave and think about. I talk about your cock and how you are most likely sat there each night touching yourself over Me and My feet. Continue to impress me and lets see what happens next…

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