VIDEO UPDATE – Slave forced and dominated to smell and worship bare dirty sweaty feet

High Definition HD Clip! See a naked slave boy being dominated by the super-hot British Dominatrix, Miss Lollirot. Miss L has him collared and on a leash to cause maximum humiliation as she foot-dominates her slave. The cruel Mistress forces her cute petite feet into his huge mouth and forces him to lick, suck and kiss her dirty bare sweaty feet. She enjoys hurting the foot-slave, stretching his mouth and shoving her painted toes down his throat to make him gag and choke. Slave boy gets plenty of time to sniff and smell her stinky little feet too as she holds her cute toes over his nose and wipes them across his face. She also foot-smothers her helpless victim and forces him to sniff in the strong aroma from between her toes…

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