VIDEO UPDATE – ULTIMATE cuckold chastity small penis slave humiliation video! forced to worship feet d

I’ve been out all day and my feet are really aching. I call upon my house slave to come and give me some attention. He’s in for a treat as he gets to massage my divine soft cute sexy feet in hot stockings and knee high moist sweaty socks! I begin to tell him how I’m actually going on a really hot date that night much to his surprise! He tries to contain his jealousy. “oh not him again Miss…” yes, he’s got it correct, I’m seeing a super hot guy I’ve seen before and inform slave how he has a GREAT COCK! I tell him how I can’t resist the hot guys incredible cock. A REAL MAN someone who knows how to satisfy a woman’s needs! I tell him how unsatisfactory he and his cock is. Degrading him. Making him feel worthless and weak. But he knows his place… he is there to serve and adore me! I tease him and get him all excited. Telling him how I have to go out and get REAL MEN because REAL MEN KNOW how to satisfy a woman! I tell him how later on I will get ready for my hot date whilst he’s just his usual loser self being all sad and pathetic LOL he sits there all envious whilst i remind him that his job is to just serve me, please me and do as I say. All he can do is sit there and agree as he’s in total awe of me. Watch as I tease his cock with my hot feet. Rubbing and caressing it through his tight jeans. I can feel it in his chastity device twitching away dying to feel my skin on his. “please Miss! my chastity is in there!” awww! I almost feel sorry for him! LOL I laugh at him and tell him how I just love to tease! he complains how it’s been a WHOLE MONTH without him cumming aw boo hoo. I laugh at him and taunt him even further whilst pushing my hot feet onto his cock in it’s chastity device. I tell him how I will tell say when he can have his release and that time ISN’T NOW. I own his cock and I’m sure to remind him. I like it locked up and under my complete control. He won’t be able to stop thinking about me looking super hot on my date that night. Whilst he’s at home locked up. Key of course will be with me. I just love keyholding. I inform him how I may even bring him back to fuck infront of him! He tells me how exhausted I was last time from my date. But of course, how could I not be? I tell him how it’s hard to resist with really hot guys and great cocks. You just want quite a few rounds of sex, you know? I remind him how his tiny little cock is incapable of that. Because, lets face it, it’s incapable of any kind of sex lol! We all know that THING of his is best kept locked up in chastity! We want to make sure his dedication and concentration is solely on me and not his pathetic worthless cock. I tell him how maybe I’ll even go out without no panties on again tonight. I’ll be keeping him informed of every little detail whilst I’m out on my date. Ensuring he is fully aware of what’s going on and teasing the hell out of him! Making his little thing bulge in his chastity device… Eager for release.

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