I have a new house slave who has come to me for a trial run!
I’m dressed in fully fashioned vintage stockings complete with a tight fitting dress, 6 strap suspender belt and christian louboutin high heel shoes which show off my perfect feet very well 😉
I invite him in for an inspection. First I order him to strip naked in front of me so I can examine his body. As he strips he reveals his small penis locked into a chastity device! Oh boy is it tiny!!!
I get him to give me the key so I am in control of his cock like I should be. I tease and humiliate him and even tell him about the fact I fuck REAL MEN with REAL COCKS.
I explain to him how the trial run works… Informing him of the tasks and chores he will be expected to perform for Me. I get him on all fours and walk around him making him nervous and eager to serve.
I touch him in his chastity device showing you guys just how small his penis really is. Too cute lol.
I run my sharp stiletto of my shoe down his inner thigh making him twitch with excitement as I then bust his balls making him flinch sharply! This slave sure knows his place now!
I do love to dish out the finest humiliation, so I grab a pair of my cute pink frilly ruffle sissy panties and force him to put them on. He just about fits his fat ass into them as I laugh at him and watch as he does a twirl in front of me showing how hilarious he looks!
Seeing the panties have such a tight fit on him I decide to put them on his head instead so he can wear them as a cute hat. LOL!
After my fun I instruct him to get on with some chores… Lets see how good he really is…
chastity humiliation

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