In this stunning HD clip my fetish model friend has been staying over again. She seems so innocent around other people but I’ve become accustom to her true evil ways!
I’ve been at work all day and feel pretty tired. She did tell me we would be having a quiet night in but seems she has other plans!
MissLollirot is waiting for me as soon as I get through the door. She’s certainly well prepared!
She tells me she has a treat in store for me tonight. And no, sadly it’s not pizza and beer like I hoped! She grabs me by the tie round my neck and yanks me towards her pushing me down onto the ground and before you know it I have my wrists bound tightly and there’s no escape!
She reveals her super stinky sweaty feet from her well worn stinky slippers and gets straight to work placing her moist hot soles onto my face. Pressing them in against my skin forcing me to get a real good sniff. Boy do her soles stink!
Rubbing her soles all over me and planting her toes directing over my nose, wrapping and curling her toes around I have no choice but to keep sniffing and doing as I’m told.
In her true teasing manner, MissLollirot taunts me and humiliates me reminding me what the loser I am and how I should imagine what my colleagues would say if they could see me right now. I play such the Alpha Male type in daily life… You know how it is guys, right?! Acting all high and mighty and so in charge but my deep desire to submit and be underneath gorgeous sexy feet is with me every minute of the day… And god does submitting to a younger Mistress feel good… Pure escapism and bliss yet so humiliating at the same time!
Wriggling those toes over my face and in my full eyesight I feel almost hypnotised and in foot heaven! The powerful aroma is incredibly overwhelming but I cannot help but to carry on smelling those cute little soles.
She even smothers my entire face ensuring I cannot breathe! Pushing down with full force and ensuring there is zero chance of escape!
Then comes the dreaded move… The one where she puts me into a head lock using her powerful ballet feet! One foot on the neck the other on the face and head. Oh boy… She sure could choke me with the power she has.
Dangling her big toe along my nose, teasing me and making me desire her feet even more, MissLollirot sure knows how to be a true foot Goddess. She has me right where she wants me and isn’t afraid to do whatever she wants.
She even slaps my face with her stinky soles. Such humiliation!
Going to town with my face she then starts to grab and pinch my nose using her powerful strong toes and rubbing her feet brutally across my face!
After you have viewed this you will be dying to worship MissLollirot’s divine feet!

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