Housemate’s foot fetish dreams come true! Foot massage foot worship licking kissing sucking toes soles arches stinky sweaty dirty bare feet

Foot massage foot worship and more…

I’m relaxing on the couch in the pose position wearing tight black leggings combined with a see through black lace leotard teddy thing and just a bra underneath! Showing off my hot sexy feet with their cute toes, high arches and soft delicious soles. Doing my emails when my house mate comes in and sits beside me.
He glances at my feet and then offers a foot massage. I take him up on the offer and soon realise he has a foot fetish! He starts to kiss my feet, suck my toes, lick them, he just can’t get enough of my cute soles and high arches.
I’ve been out all day long wearing thick socks and boots and my feet are super dirty stinky sweaty and smelly!
I start to move my feet around positioning them so they are perfectly in his mouth enabling his tongue to lick in-between my toes and suck them real good!
I then move and shove my feet in his face! Taking full control and dominating him!
Watch as he takes my WHOLE FOOT in his mouth! I shove my toes in and out of his mouth ensuring he wraps his tongue around every single toe giving my feet the full attention they deserve.
I tease his cock with my feet over his jeans making him horny whilst with the other foot I shove it in his mouth 😉
Foot massage foot worship

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