foot slave is naked on the floor beneath me whilst I have my sexy bare feet all over his face smothering him!
My feet have the perfect red gel pedicure painted toes but don’t be fooled by their cute appearance… They are super dirty, sweaty and smelly!
I humiliate him whilst smothering his face and taking his breath away. Pinching his nose with my super strong toes.
I play around seeing how long I can suffocate him for and show off my high arches and cute wrinkled soles.
he sure knows his place, and quite rightly so! He’s totally under my spell and you will be too after watching this clip! 😉
Incredible fine detail shown in this as it’s HD. So you can come get up REAL CLOSE to the action!
I force him to sniff up their sweaty aroma. Inhaling the sweet sweat from my bare soles I’m pretty sure he’s going into some sort of trance! lol!
foot slave foot smother

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